Granite Mountain Stable - Prescott Arizona


“I am working with the trainer (instruction) and Manager of Granite Mountain Stables, Katie McAlister.

Katie is incredibly knowledgeable about the horse and rider.  She thoroughly evaluated my horse on the ground and in the saddle. Katie never allows anger or frustration to enter her work.  That is very important to me in a trainer..

She was able, because of her knowledge and experience, to identify the issues that need attention and then with skilled patience, teach both of us.

At 69, I have worked with many trainers for 50+ years.  Katie is the best – hands down.” -Sheila Deily, Green Horse Training/Tune Up

“Dear fellow horse lovers,

I have had the pleasure of working with Katie McAlister for the last month.  I have a new horse that was rescued from the kill shelter awhile back.  I was told she hasn’t been ridden in quite a while and I really don’t know much about her so I enlisted the help of Katie.

I can’t say enough good things about her.  We have been working together for about a month and have made real progress.  I love the way she understands what’s going on in the horse’s mind.  My Abigail is an appaloosa and is very insecure under saddle.  Because Katie was able to understand how she thinks and sense some of the bad behaviors she endured from previous owners, that gave us a good basis on how to help her learn and trust me.  

New things have always been introduced to her slowly, always bringing her back to what she knows to regain her confidence and allow her to get back into a good frame of mind before we try again.   This has worked very well and Abigail is really starting to trust me.  We have made so much progress in a short time and I have become a more confident rider/partner in the process.

Also, her {Katie’s} gentle demeanor makes it easy for me to learn.  As someone who has never done this before this process of learning and working with a new horse can be very scary.  She has made me feel very comfortable and that in turn has helped both of us learn faster.

I would highly recommend working with Katie on any horse related issues or training.

Thank you Katie.  I look forward to continuing this journey with your help!” – Wendy Timmel Green Horse Training/Confidence Tune Up

“Katie’s a wonderful trainer. She’s patient and overall a fun, positive person. She works really hard, and has really helped me understand my horse, and how to work with her. I always go to her when I have a question because I know she’ll have an answer. She is so unbelievably knowledgeable about horses and truly cares about her client’s horses as if they’re her own. I 100% recommend her.” -Angelina Franklin on Green Horse Training/Lessons 

“Had the lovely Katie work my finished cutting horse for me – her skills are very good.  I observed her while riding my gelding and felt relieved that I could have such a talented hand that I can relax when I need to have him exercised.  Very happy!” – Cathi Mayo on Exercising